Rethinking Tequila - Don't shot it, Savour it.

As tequila is becoming a classier drink, here's how to enjoy it

Jude Parkinson
25th May 2022
Image: Instagram (@savora.drinks)
Often considered as a liquor to be ‘shot’, tequila is transforming its reputation from hangover to highbrow through the culture of sipping not slamming.  

Tequila and Mezcal were the second fastest growing spirits in 2021 with the progress set to continue tequila is definitely the new ‘IT’ drink.

A serious amount of time goes into a bottle of Tequila, starting with the growth of Agave plants in Mexico to the distilling process taking roughly eight to twelve years, it’s a disservice to the spirit to shot in an instant. Which is the reason many agave farmers prefer to see the drink consumed as a long serve. 

But why has Tequila suddenly become so popular ? With a youthful and exuberant feel the drink has become popular with the 25-35 age bracket, it’s the perfect drink for a trendy Instagram post and is considered more ‘chic’ than other spirits. With many celebrities investing in their own tequila brands such as George Clooney and Kendall Jenner, the drink is continuingly being seen more and more in the public eye. 

However, many tequila lovers don’t know a mixer to pair with the spirit, gin has tonic and vodka has coke so what is tequilas perfect match?

Well, a Scottish brand has the answer. Savora Drinks has created completely unique premium tequila mixers in two mouth-watering flavours, Vibrant Orange & Fiery Ginger  and 2021 Great Taste Winner Zesty Lime & Sweet Agave Flavour. The brands’ purpose is to provide a sophisticated tequila long serve to those who share a passion for the spirit.

The Edinburgh born brand encourages society to “re-write your tequila story” with  stockists up and down the country from restaurants to bars and bistros it’s an ever-growing success destined to become a household name when it comes to tequila. Boasting numerous awards in the food and drink sector its causing serious waves in the drinks industry, the showstopper product is a cocktail lover’s dream bound to become a fan favourite !

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