Shag, marry, kill: University degrees

What courses would you choose?

Katie Siddall
30th January 2023
After a lot of thought about which courses I would rather: shag, marry, kill I'm still confused. A lot of conversations have happened within my household and we started to think about the long term. So... I propose my final(ish) answers.

Shag: Sport and Exercise Science. They've got stamina... surely? I would argue they may be the best course to get into bed with due to all the connotations you think of when you think "sports".

Marry: This was a toss-up. Medicine - because in the long term... money. Then again, I thought about Mechanical Engineering. This thought is due to 16 year old me wanting to do Engineering and the fact that I love cars. It would mean I'm guaranteed to have fun conversations about cars and enjoy their time. Right?

Kill: Maths. This is nothing to do with my being an English student - I promise. I took Maths at A-Level (I know right!) and sometimes I do look back and think I should have taken Maths. I think my parents also think this when I complain about my current degree. So, if I took Maths off the table then maybe I wouldn't complain about my course as much... maybe.

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