The new decade watch-list: Return of the 60s, 70s and 80s

Bella Mullarkey writes about the resurgent styles from the 20th century making their way back in 2020

Bella Mullarkey
10th February 2020
Outside London Fashion Week
Out with the old and in with the older; the 60s, 70s and 80s have returned and they are back bigger, bolder and better. The Woodstock days of psychedelic patterns and free spirited mindsets have returned to the runway and our wardrobes for 2020.

Fendi’s psychedelic touches to its spring/summer 2020 collection shows reminiscences of the 60s and 70s with bright, neon floral patterns showcasing his show. Oversized sunglasses, shag haircuts finds the show somewhere in-between the swinging 60s and the psychedelic 70s.

60s has come back, meaning you better reach to the back of your parents wardrobe and grab anything crochet. From cropped crochet tops to straw bags. Altuzarra showcased these must have pieces for your spring summer wardrobe. Crochet dresses adds an ultra-feminine touch to spring summer this year . With the fashion industry focusing on sustainability of clothes there seems to be nothing more suiting than recycling old patterns in way that embraces handwoven technique like crochet. Woven tote and knitted bags were also styled.

The idea of history repeating itself is certainly true when it comes to fashion.

The Oscar nominated film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has had an impact on fashion forthis new year. Set in 1969 it has brought back double denim, flares, silk shirts and crushingly tight trousers with its exploration of the late 60s style. Gucci has been hooked on to the silk shirt groove trend using bold patterns and bright colours, with many sporting the disco collar.

70s disco fever also seems to be firing up for this year. Big disco collars and hot pants are a essential to get that Saturday Night Fever in 2020. Yves Saint Laurent featured the big disco collar however modernised it with contrasting coats and jackets to emphasis the collar. Paco Rabanne has also styled the collar with a padded suit jacket over the top adding an 80s vibe to the 70s collar. Saint Laurent has continued with the 70s theme including hot pants in their new collection. If you are not a fan of the daisy duke look Chanel paired the hot pant look with black tights to create a more sophisticated formal outfit. Very 2012 Taylor Swift Red album.

Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Balmain supporting polka dots once again

Polka dots seem to have stood the test of time, first arriving in the 20s and then having revival in the 60s they have sprung back for SS20. Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Balmain supporting polka dots once again in their shows for spring summer 2020 shows that the spots don’t seem to be leaving any time soon. Carolina Herrera took the spots a step further adding a 90s sheer vibe to the look mixing the two of the finest patters of the 20s and 90s. Although s shown by Zendaya in Autumn 2019 and fashioned often by Kate Middleton these spots seem to be picking up across SS20.

Blazers and women suits both 80s and 90s staples started to emerge towards the end of 2019. Big celebrity names and influences styled them on the red carpet. Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid being just two women who can sport a suit. This style although fashionable comes with female empowerment and the Me Too movement which came about in 2006 and picked up last year .

Everyone has differing tastes within fashion

As previously said, the idea of history repeating itself is certainly true when it comes to fashion - it just comes with added twists and tweaks to make it more suited to the running styles. Everyone has differing tastes within fashion as it is a form of art and can be subjective to the individuals expressions. With the ever-changing and ever accepting surroundings of different communities within the world, fashion is one of the things that brings everyone together and allows for individuality and expression in whatever way suits the individual.

Overall, it's clear to see that a blast from the past will be evident throughout the decade of 2020.

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