Varsity 2024: M1 Futsal crown finale with penalty victory

Varsity 2024's final event went right down to the wire

Libby Griffiths
5th April 2024
Image: NCL Sport
The match, held at Northumbria Sport Central, saw a very close game right up until the very end. The final score was 7-7, with friendly penalties at the very end to finish off Varsity 2024.

There were many defining moments throughout, both from the dedicated players and the equally dedicated crowd. Initially, Northumbria led the game 3-0 until Newcastle brought it back 3-3, battling it out for the title until the very last second.

Image: NCL Sport

Northumbria's goalkeeper scored the final goal, much to everyone's surprise, ending the match with a draw, rewarding triumph and celebration even from the opposing team. Penalties finished with five goals from Newcastle, and three from Northumbria.

Our team grabbed the Varsity Winners banner and ran straight up to the crowd to jump, cheer, and celebrate. Kimiko Cheng, our Athletic's Union Officer, looked very proud taking a photograph with the boys, and the Varsity 2024 Champions Trophy.

One of the players, Cubby Taylor, said: "Amazing to be part of it, the atmosphere was unreal and the game itself was mental."

It looks as if Newcastle University managed to defend the three-year championship at Varsity. Better luck next year, Northumbria!

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AUTHOR: Libby Griffiths
Campus Comment Sub-Editor | Journalism Student

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