Word of the Week: Aglet

Elizabeth Meade introduces readers to the aglet

Elizabeth Meade
21st November 2020

You know that annoying experience when the ends of your shoelaces are frayed and it's hard to lace them? The one thing standing between you and shoelace frustration is the aglet. Defined as "the plain or ornamental tag covering the ends of a lace or point" by Merriam-Webster, the little piece of plastic earned itself a song in popular Disney programme "Phineas and Ferb" a few years back, which you can watch here: A-G-L-E-T Full Song However, that's not the only use of the term - Webster also feaures the definition "any of various ornamental studs, cords, or pins worn on clothing," which is less common but still technically correct.

Featured Image: cherylholt on Pixabay

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AUTHOR: Elizabeth Meade
(she/her) 4th year Chem student. Former Head of Current Affairs and Former Science Sub-Editor. Avid reader. Chaos theorist. Amateur batrachologist and historian. Rock fan. Likes cybersecurity and cooking. Wrote the first article for Puzzles. Probably the first Courier writer to have work featured in one of Justin Whang's videos.

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