How Burberry is Bossin' it

Fashion Editor Shamara Mohsin talks high-end brand Burberry and why they deserve our attention

Shamara Mohsin
8th March 2020
@burberry on Instagram
Often our brand of the week is chosen because they're attempting to combat climate change, showcase diversity in clothing ranges and model representation, or just selling clothing our writers think you should know about.

However, one thing they all have in common is their student-friendly price tags, so today we’re talking high-end, trendsetting, and controversial brand Burberry and how they're changes for the better deserve some attention.

Arguably one of the worlds best-known luxury brands, Burberry has been influencing fashion trends since 1856 and is best known for its classic colour palette and pattern. The British born brand has experienced its fair share of criticism; most recently for its methods of keeping its consumers interested.

In 2018 it was discovered unsold pieces from past collections were burned in a bid to keep exclusivity. The brand is one of many high-end especially companies that believe in a no sale policy and assures its customers unless your paying full price your probably getting a fake.

While the intentions are logical the execution left more waste than want to perfectly good, high-quality clothing, and the recent turn in the last decade or so has seen much of the public settling for lookalikes to cut costs rather than dropping hundreds. While Burberry agreed to stop the burning of millions of product many people still refuse to buy originals and still choose cheaper copies instead.

It’s a wonder then how Burberry is still considered such a pivotal player in fashion, and yet, somehow litters the wardrobes of teens, adults and the elderly. What may be Burberry’s greatest power is its notability in the forms of specific items that have stood the test of time and are as popular today as they were upon release. The iconic trench coat, now available in ranging length, styles and colours is still available in its classic form, and more recently in the Burberry cashmere scarf; these two items, in particular, are so notable they have lookalikes to both within high street stores and market stalls.

Despite its high’s and lows, Burberry remains a formidable brand that managed to amass over £2.7 billion in 2018 in revenue and continues to flourish. While it won’t be your go-to student store- it is for a fair few-some students have ditched the regular purchases and are scrounging for the big brands. While this both reduces waste and often results in smarter purchases it also spurs the Instagram envy from fellow followers that may have created that persons initial purchase.

Image Source: @emilycanham on Instagram

While customers are the main culprits of Burberrys continued success it should also be noted that a big part of their continued sales are the companies own top tier marketing. Just a few years ago Burberry rolled out an ad featuring model turned actress Cara Delevigne, who at the time was arguably one of the most famous faces on the planet. The ad, which featured on TV and transportation across the UK, amassed huge success. Nowadays, Billie Eilish, the worlds-current-most notable pop star rocks more Burberry than we can fathom to most red carpets. Burberry is aware of their audience and thrives on it- just last week they’re Autumn/ Winter Fashion Show went carbon neutral. This showcases an awareness of the changing interest in fashion and a willingness to bend to secure customers.

While I could have discussed any number of luxury brands for our brand of the week I chose Burberry because it’s often the forgotten figure. Despite its unprecedented presence amongst celebrities on red carpets, and the general publics wardrobes it’s somehow is still often overlooked.
Burberry is striving for change to ensure it continues to be relevant within the fashion empire, and at this moment, whether you love them or hate them, they are not going anywhere.

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