Sunday slob: License to chill

Fashion editor, Poppy Couling, gives the green light on the oh so familiar Sunday slob look...

Poppy Couling
5th November 2018
Instagram: @glassonionvintage

Shock horror, the Beast From The East is back, and the Toon’s temperatures have plummeted. Gone are any judgements should you decide to warm up some soup and be in bed by ten, or order a guilt- free Uber home after a 5pm lecture when outside is entirely dark and you can see your own breath.

Put the rosé on stand-by, and russle up some mulled wine, pop those flip- flops deep into the depths of the redundant summer wardrobe, fall in love again with your warm leather pistol boots, and embrace the winter air. Finally, I can disclose exactly how far you can take your ‘Sunday Slob’ without looking a complete mess.

Starting with our feet, we can push aside our trendy ankle socks, and replace them with some long thick ones that can tuck underneath your trackies or jeans. This is a trend that has already penetrated campus, so already deemed acceptable, but seems appropriate now more than ever. Similarly, embrace the chunky trainer to keep those toes nice and cosy, although I must veto UGGs before they are even introduced into the debate, for no other reason other than their suede is beyond impractical in the blistering, north east. Alternatively, some sturdy Timberlands will also do the trick.

Tracksuit bottoms have been given a very bad name in fashion as they tend to dress a look down just that little bit too much. Fear not! [pullquote]Jesmond is trawling with the staple grey, baggy bottoms that can be found everywhere from Gap to Primark to Fila, so they’re permitted into our wardrobes, no questions asked.[/pullquote] Flares have also become a permanent resident in the student wardrobe, so a smooth velvet pair from Topshop is a relaxed, street smart option, or even some Hollsiter yoga pants that are stretchy and remarkably soft. If neither of these options are tickling your fancy, go straight to the Zara ‘joggers’ section , and find yourselves some sleek basic cotton trousers in autumnal shades such as khaki, grey with a white side- stripe and even some flowing drawstring trousers in a lovely warm red. Essentially, if all else fails, slide into some LuLu Lemon sports leggings and be both comfy and very on trend with athleisure.

Now for those snuggly jumpers! I would highly encourage any vintage sweatshirt (think Levi and Adidas), as you manage to remain perfectly warm and stylish. Any highstreet chunky knit would also provide you with a barrier from the cold and an acceptably relaxed look, or an oversized t-shirt layered over a large long- sleeve to double up and keep it trendy.

Finally, do not neglect your head, as it is where around 45% of your body heat is lost. For another casual day- time attire, toss aside your coat, and don a warm bobble hat or cap to save your hair from the pesky eastern winds. Head to Accessorize for 10% off student discount, and a fabulous selection of winter- warming accessories.

‘To Slob’ is acceptable. It is appealing. It is necessary. Do not fear the danger of dressing down, but embrace it with style and finesse. Do it mindfully, do it proudly, and more importantly, do it with an elasticated waist to still fit in that yummy Sunday roast.

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